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Read This Logitech Speaker System Z523 Review Before You Buy It

Expert Author James Causian
Why do you want to buy the Logitech Speaker System Z523?
Are you looking to play games, listen to music and watch movies on your computer and you desire a better sound system than that produced by your current speakers or your in-build notebook computer speakers? Are you looking to get a room-filling 360 sound with a minimum number of speakers? If that is the case, then the Logitech Speaker System Z523 may be for you. Read on...
What Does The Logitech Speaker System Z523 Consists Of?
The Logitech Speaker System Z523 is a 2.1 sound system. What this means is that it consists of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Unlike most traditional speakers which are one or uni-directional, the Logitech Speaker System Z523 utilizes a surround sound technology;
The Logitech Z523 with its 40 watts RMS will fill your room with crystal clear sound as it projects its sounds evenly in all directions. Crisp highs and rich mids are delivered by the satellites while the down firing subwoofer produces deep bass that you can literally feel. Helping the subwoofer to deliver this deep bass is the 6,5 inch pressure driver.
How Does Surround Technology Utilized By The Logitech Z523 Speakers Benefit Me?
Traditional surround sound system uses 5 or more satellite speakers. However Logitech overcame this problem with its 360 degree sound technology. Instead of using the traditional forward only firing driver, Logitech incorporated a two-way forward and backward firing drivers to enable sound to be projected and reflected evenly and over a wide space range.
The benefit to this is that you still get a surround sound system but with only two satellites instead of the traditional five or more speakers. This will help you to solve those unsightly wiring problems especially for stringing the wires to the rear speakers.
Not only that, you do not have to be in that "sweet spot" as with traditional sound systems because the Logitech Speaker System Z523 envelopes you with its immersive sound anywhere in the room.
What Can You Connect The Logitech Z523 Speakers To?
RCA and 3.5 mm jacks are provided. This means that you can connect your game console, DVD player iPod, TV or even the Logitech Squeezebox network music player. There is also a headphone jack for the time when you want to have a private listening pleasure.
Should I Buy The Logitech Speaker System Z523?
You have read on what the Logitech Speaker System Z523 can do. Now is the crunch. Should I or should I not buy the Logitech Z523? To help you make your decision, here are the pros and cons of the Logitech Speaker System Z523.
The Cons of the Logitech Z523 Speakers:
  • The cords are non-replaceable and if 6 feet is enough for you, then it should be not an issue
  • No volume control on auxiliary controls
The Pros of the Logitech Z523 Speakers:
  • Great "360 degree sound" for a small surround sound system package
  • Thoughtful cord system to minimize entanglements
  • Two auxiliary inputs
  • Auxiliary input and headphone port on the front speaker
  • Build in universal power supply
  • A great value
If you are looking for a great value superb surround sound system for your computer to play music, games and watch movies; a system that produces crisp clear sound without having to be in a sweet spot and having to deal with all the wiring for your rear speakers, then the Logitech Speaker System Z523 is the one to go for.


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