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If I were to say to a group of you readers "Hey meet me in Greenland the continent next week, arrive on your own, and I'll see you there." With that specific destination in mind there would be only a few specific ways you could actually get to Greenland to meet us. Some ways are very efficient, and others not so much. If you walked, probably at some point you would have to get on a boat but it would also take you a long time.
Probably most of you would eventually come to the conclusion to travel efficiently you would have to book a flight. With your search I'm sure that you would discover flights to Greenland are limited and only certain airlines would actually be able to fly you in.
The point of this exercise is to encourage you to get specific when aiming to complete your spiritual, emotional, and physical goals. To arrive at your destination the first point you would have to address is what is your starting point? From that point you could also determine your destination route, and plot a specific plan of action to get there.
For the point of this exercise the starting point is YOU! Some great first questions to ask yourself are "Who am I now? Where do I want to get to? At what time do I need to arrive?
To ask these questions takes into account your personal likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, dreams and or fantasies of where you see yourself somewhere in the future. It's okay to be exactly who you are right now. Let's use the example of a forty five year old woman who is very out of shape, a beginner to fitness, and has an extra twenty five pounds packed on. The first goal she may have is that she wants to wear a size 10 pant, and to walk up and down the stairs without getting out of breath.
As the fitness newbie moves forward in her fitness goals, and trims her body; she begins to discover that she really enjoys working out and meeting her fitness goals. Because she took action towards her initial goals, a new dream of being a personal trainer pops into her mind and heart. So the question of "Where am I now?" is now answered, "I'm a person who enjoys working out and meeting my fitness goals." Where do I want to go? She answers "I want to get paid as a personal trainer."
To become a personal trainer requires specific action. It requires her to take a certification course in that field. The second part is to overcome her fear to get and then train her first client.
Everyone is in a different place in life with different goals. The destinations are colored by the "Who" you are in the moment and that place is varied for all of us.
You have to objectively observe and make note of the exact spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial state you are in. Don't judge any part of your journey. Based on that information to get to a new destination in your life, there can only be a few chosen paths for you to walk on, just like our trip to Greenland.
Who you are, where you want to get to, and the how is mostly up to you. If you have a specific destination, there are specific plans and then milestones that you will pass.
Anyone who wants a college education has to enroll in college first, take the required courses, and graduate three to four years later. However if that same person wanted to be self employed and earn a million dollars doing so, the plan may or may not include college.
When I was a young child I always dreamed of being an illustrator, as I got older I took every kind of drawing, painting, perspective classes, and composition classes I could. I attended an art college with that focus. But something happened that threw me off course and I lost my way. After a few years of floundering I redirected my vision to become an actress. I attended a drama college, auditioned for plays, films, and learned as much as I could about the film industry, and the tools of the trade. But still with everything I attempted nothing would sooth the turmoil I felt inside, or bring me any peace.
When I asked "Who am I?" I had a very different answer. "I'm an emotional mess, a lost soul, at rock bottom." "Where do I have to get to? My answer was "I want to like myself, and I want genuine peace inside."
For me to reach that destination was actually a long journey within. The how to get inside was the path of yoga, an intense self awareness, observation, self forgiveness, and acceptance of myself and others exactly as we were then. It was after I started down that path that I said to myself, "I can teach this." The thought of becoming a yoga teacher, counselor, and guide opened up to me, after I completed this intense soul searching, and self help period. I didn't know that it would become my life's work. Now I can really say that I'm peaceful. I like me, and I enjoy what I'm doing each moment of the day.
The study and knowledge that I acquired both in the art field and the film field hasn't been wasted either. With the art background, I'm equipped to design brochures, flyers, and marketing material that I need for business. The film background has given me the skills and confidence to be comfortable being in front of the camera, and behind the lens as I write, film and edit and my small video lessons of encouragement, and post them.
The life lessons you have previously learned will also help you redefine yourself and focus your skills on the uniqueness of what you have to offer. There is more than enough to go around. You just have to have the courage to do what you love.
Let's revisit our newly certified personal trainer. She is getting clients doing what she loves. She is now open, confident, friendly, and strong. If she was open to a relationship, a person involved in fitness or personal training, might also find her strength attractive. Together they would morph into a strong relationship or business alliance that takes them higher still. But if she didn't take the initial steps towards her fitness goals, the two would never have met. To take that first step towards a specific destination is needed and then more of your life plan opens up for you.
To sum up this discussion then specific questions and answers bring specific results and based on that information there really are only a few efficient ways to get to Greenland. Where is your Greenland? Perhaps I'll see you there.


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